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"Long ago, Richard Loring told me, "Go where you are honored."
For me, that means living and working where you are liked and respected.
For me, that means spending time around actors and in the theater."

Click on this link to enjoy season one of KAPLAN’S KORNER a web series created by friends of Marvin to honor his memory and fulfil his mission of providing employment to seasoned actors as well as up and coming industry professionals.

"Lookin' Up", a film our beloved Marvin Kaplan worked on before his passing

Marvin was working on a film he wrote and in which he had a small part when he died. It is called, "Lookin' Up". The film was finished under the careful direction of Johnny Crear. The movie stars Steve Guttenberg of "Ballers" fame and a lot of other work..

Marvins Head

Kaplan-Loring Foundation

Marvin created the Kaplan-Loring Foundation to assist individuals in show business and, in particular, comedians, songwriters, composers, lyricists, and book writers who develop new material for musical productions


Marvin’s film,
Watch Out for Slick,
now available for purchase

Don’t miss this “gray comedy” film, written and produced by Marvin Kaplan. An award-winning, full-length film, Slick will keep you laughing … and keep you guessing!


Are you passionate about the theater arts?

If so, you’re in good company. Marvin Kaplan created the Kaplan-Loring Foundation to support comedians, songwriters, composers, lyricists, and more.


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