"I recognize that I’m a very lopsided human being!
I’m very committed to my craft: writing, acting, theater, and film.
I have a good life, but I made it for myself. You gotta make it for yourself."

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Watch Out for Slick: This "gray comedy" film will keep you laughing … and keep you guessing!

In Watch Out for Slick, the town’s elderly recluse witnesses his young, pretty wife being kidnapped and alerts the neighbors. Don’t miss this full-length "gray comedy" film about nosy neighbors, klutzy kidnappers, schmucky police, and a teetering May-December marriage.

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A brief interview with Marvin Kaplan:
Why write and produce Watch Out for Slick?

"I actually witnessed most of this kidnapping event in my neighborhood. I wrote the script for Slick, basing it on this true-life experience. With a bit of tweaking, the near-tragedy became a farce. So that’s why I wrote the story. But I produced the film for an entirely different reason."

"Most films star young, good-looking actors. I wanted to write a simple, homespun, nonviolent story about older, decent people – a story that would make the audience laugh and care."

"The average age of the cast members in Watch Out for Slick is 70-plus. This is a talent pool that is foolishly overlooked in today’s market. My film is my stimulus package to give older actors employment and some good roles. Hopefully, Slick will impact their visibility and future employment."

"In fact, I believe it’s time for Hollywood to turn the other cheek – to the one that’s wrinkled! You don’t need big-name stars to carry a film, just a good script and wonderful actors. The shooting schedule for Watch Out for Slick was only 15 days, and we usually wrapped up after 8 hours. You can’t accomplish that without fine actors and a resourceful director. These seasoned pros arrive on the set on time, know their lines, and are great at their craft. Why aren’t these actors working?"

Film Festivals, Awards, and Recognitions

  • 2011 Las Vegas Film Festival, recipient of 2011 Official Finalist Award
  • Received "Official Selection NewFilmmakers Los Angeles" designation
  • Debuted at Theatre West in Hollywood
  • Shown at the Motion Picture Association Retirement Home
  • San Diego Film Festival
  • L.A. Global Film Festival for Best Comedy, best comedy actor - Steve Franken, best comedy actress - Barbara Mallory


Presented by: Marvkap, Inc. Executive Producer and Screenplay: Marvin Kaplan Producer and Director: Herb Linsey Director of Photography: James Mathers Starring: Steve Franken & Barbara Mallory Sarah Ann Morris & Courtney Gains With Connie Sawyer, Mary Jo Catlett, Jill Jacobson, Susan Morgenstern, Layla Galloway, Johnny Crear, Paul Keith, Roger Cruz, Larry Gelman, Farley Jackson, Jacque Lynn Colton and Fay de Witt Editor: Ethan Holzman Music: Bonnie Janofsky Production Design: Elizabeth Callans Casting: Jean Scoccimarro Costumes: Joanie Coyote

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